Paleo on a Budget

One of the most popular drawbacks to eating healthy foods is the expense. People like to say, “But how much are you spending on those doctor’s bills when you’re not healthy?” While that is true, having “normal” (or not too bad) eating habits isn’t going to land you in the doctor’s office. It’s the lifestyle of allowing junk that will make you sick in the end. Yes, their argument is correct, but it isn’t immediate. What I mean by that is those bad habits are creepers. They slowly (and quietly) sneak up on you. You don’t eat a Little Debbie and immediately become Big Deb. That’s why those arguments fall on deaf ears.

I believe eating healthy is feasible when you’re not adding in healthy foods, but you’re substituting the healthy foods. Say your buggy (I’m southern – it’s called a buggy, not a shopping cart) contains Pop-Tarts. Now, I love Pop-Tarts. They’re breakfast, snack, and dessert all in a travel-sized packet for your convenience. Right now, they’re on sale for $2.35 for an 8 count package ($.29/each). Well, what if you substituted eggs that typically run a dollar cheaper for a dozen. So, the typical breakfast went from costing $.58 (because you know you’re going to eat both Pop-Tarts) to $.22 for two eggs. Already you’re saving money and eating healthy.

Here are some cheap Paleo recipes to get you started:

  1. Paleo Chicken Fajitas. Go ahead and make a big bowl of several different types of lettuce. You’ll be eating on that throughout the week. To make these cheap, leave out the red bell pepper. They’re very good, but on the expensive side.
  2. Paleo Burgers. Grill until your heart’s content, but don’t put that burger on a bun. Add the tomato and onion on top of a bed of lettuce with your perfectly grilled burger. Add garlic and other seasonings in the burger itself to add extra flavor. Enjoy while you’re thinking of all the money you saved by (1) making the lettuce stretch to a second meal, (2) not having to buy cheese and condiments, (3) and no buns to add to your buns.
  3. Eggs. They’re incredible. They’re edible. Song stuck in your head yet? I like mine scrambled. The kids and Daniel will eat them fried. Either way, substitute coconut oil and sea salt for butter and table salt. The eggs will taste lighter and won’t have grease. We make them for breakfast and dinner some times. And we already talked about how they’re cheaper than the pre-packaged breakfast on the go. The only extra thing this meal may cost is time.
  4. Smoothies. They’re breakfast and snack. So good! Substitute almond or coconut milk for juice to avoid adding in extra sugar where you don’t need it. I’m super picky, so trust me when I say you won’t taste anything different/negative. It’s all good. I like to throw in chia seeds for added protein. And yes, you must say, “Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia!” when adding it. That’s just so your husband really begins to consider your level of sanity, and the kids all start singing along.
  5. Green Pepper Slices with Hummus. Strict Paleo-ers say you have to make your own hummus from cauliflower. Here’s where I cheat. I get the store-bought kind that’s closest to organic and preservative-free. Sometimes the time isn’t worth the cost. But this makes an awesome snack.
  6. Fruit, nuts, or seeds. Get fruit instead of chips. I’ve heard it said that if you’re not hungry enough for an apple, you’re not hungry.
  7. Work with your leftovers. Start the week with a recipe that calls for a whole chicken. This is crucial – this is the part that I mess up the most!! When you’re done eating and before your put the left overs away –TAKE THE CHICKEN OFF THE BONE! If it’s all still in one piece, it will inevitably get pushed to the back of the fridge and be forgotten. If you take the time to put it in to pieces, it will be easy to make that into something new (or just throw on a salad for an easy lunch).


This is just a start. I’ll keep looking for more Paleo recipes for picky and stingy eaters like myself.


Lil’ Sis – this next part is for you. To get things cheap, you’ve got to put in the time and footwork. You’re in a great area to make coupons work for you. Here’s what’s going on this week at Harris Teeter. This is just the Paleo items. Be sure to look at for lots of freebies this week. I just wish I had a Harris Teeter close to me!

Harris Teeter $1 or Less Deals4/23-4/29 | Super Doubles

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