Pizza Cups: SAHM Survival Recipe

My girls were born with a love of cooking. They must get it from there daddy, because I didn’t cook anything until after I was married. Being a SAHM now, there’s always the question: put in extra effort to make something with the ingredients on hand, or take three kids to walmart.
Today, the girls wanted to cook something. They like to “help” me and pretend they’re on a cooking show. They’ll figure out the truth on day, but I’ll take the compliment as long as I can.
The cupboards are pretty bare right now, but I did have whole wheat flour, yeast, tomato sauce, and some cheese. Now trying to figure out a way to let the kids help led to the idea of pizza cups.
Step 1: find your favorite crust recipe. I don’t have a favorite. I usually google it with the words quick and easy.

Step 2: roll out the dough and cut into circles with a cookie cutter
Step 3: put little hands to work putting the dough circles into a greased muffin pan

Step 4: watch out for dough snatchers

20140624-125750-46670775.jpg 20140624-125928-46768602.jpg
Step 5: fill cups with sauce and cheese (only half full so it doesn’t overflow)


Step 6: bake at 450 for 15 minutes.
Step 7: wait for it to cool or else you will be told 500 times that it’s too hot.

I hope you like a somewhat quick lunch for little helpers. Hey, at least you didn’t have to go to walmart, right?




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