Wal-Mart: It’s a Love/Hate Relationship

I have to vent for a moment. A few weeks ago, I was told that I have cluster migraines. If you don’t know what those are, don’t google it. It’s depressing. Anyway, I have to go to Wal-Mart to get things for work. Wal-Mart and headaches aren’t a good combination in the first place. Yesterday was a bit of a rough day, so add bad mood to headaches and Wal-Mart . . . Not pretty.

So, I’m on the way to Wal-Mart, right? My head hurts so bad that I turned one stop-light too early. Ugh. Fine, okay – I’ll just go behind some other stores, and I’ll be able to make it. Just as I’m about to turn, a SPIDER crawled across the windshield right in front of me – on the INSIDE! So, with my head pounding, still driving, I took off my shoe to kill the thing. Sure, it was only the size of a quarter, but all spiders are fatal – they scare me to death!

What’s worse than finding a spider? Losing a spider. Knowing it’s around, but you can’t see it . . . which basically means it’s crawling on you somewhere. Yep, I lost it. But it could come back at any moment, so I kept my shoe off . . . still driving.

Well, I was driving for a second until a semi decided to block the entire driveway. So I had to turn around and find another way to get through – still with my shoe off just in case the spider popped those nasty (and probably hairy) legs out.

Finally made it into Wal-Mart. Whenever I go shopping for work, people always make comments on the amount of food in my buggy. I used to explain that I was shopping for a school. Now, my patience has run out with those people. I don’t comment on all the food in their buggies, right? Now my answers aren’t quite as sweet. People say, “Are you having a party?” I say, “No, I just get hungry. The munchies are awful.” Or “Wow, that’s a lot of food!” So, I turn and give them the craziest look in my eyes and say, “The children are hungry.”

Yesterday, I had to buy gingerbread houses. This woman comes up beside me and starts telling me all about the gingerbread she has at home. She told me that she had one that was thirty years old. At this point I’m frustrated, because my short trip was quickly turning into a long-winded conversation. So, I told her, “Well, you probably shouldn’t eat that,” and tried to walk off. Nope, the conversation continued to follow another couple of aisles.

I know that more happened while I was there, but I guess I’ll stop venting. Typing this all out, I’ve realized that, what I saw as an annoying conversation with a stranger, was an opportunity to reach out and love on one of God’s creation. All she really wanted was someone to show her some attention. Maybe her stories had lost their appeal to her family members. Maybe they stopped listening, and she just needed a stranger to not make her feel like her thirty-year old gingerbread house was stupid.

In all the madness of holidays and Christmas shopping, what if we all remembered that strangers aren’t just obstacles to accomplishing our goals? We are just as important to our Creator as that little old lady going 1 mph in one of those wheelchair/buggy combinations. Sure, she’s in the middle of the aisle, and no one can get around her . . . but her Maker loves her. If Christ was willing to die for the chief of sinners, we can at least show a little kindness to His most prized creation.

This is my note to myself.


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