Fun Things To Do

Here’s your challenge for today! It’s an easy one: Google & comment!

The term is almost over, and the kids at school get a week off. Since they’re at a boarding school, they can’t really go anywhere. So . . . it’s up to the staff to figure out how to keep them entertained for a week. I Googled “fun things to do” in my town. “Karen’s Hallmark Store” made the top 5. I don’t know whether to cry, laugh, or move. 

What are “fun things to do” where you live? Google it and post the best (or the worst) one! C’mon – it can’t be worse than having a Hallmark store as a tourist destination. 



5 thoughts on “Fun Things To Do

  1. In my top ten is a barbecue place. I’m surprised it wasn’t walmart or our awesome tattoo and piercing place. Louisburg is just THE place to live.


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